Management system for sales

The special customer ordering software of acesoft is available for use on Android (as an application) and other operating systems as a web application.

The dedicated customer application provides the ability to interact closely and directly with your customers, both in B2B and B2C scenarios. It allows you to present your features, products, and services directly to customers in the most effective way possible.

In general, the special customer software offers the following capabilities:

1.Display of advertising banners: The main page of the customer application allows the display of targeted advertising banners according to your desired themes. You can showcase promotional slides of your products or any other content on the home screen.

2.Introduction of the company, services, and branches: You can provide detailed information about your company and its subsidiaries within the customer application. Customers can access information related to sales centers, distribution centers, and more.

3.Online store: In the store section, customers can easily browse their desired items, use powerful search tools and various categorizations, and quickly place orders. They can also view prices, discounts, rewards, and the total amount payable for their orders.

4.Invoice management: Customers can view and easily pay their invoices through integrated banking gateways.

5.Reports: You can provide customers with various reports, including order statuses, past purchases, account balances, outstanding checks, and more.

6.Messaging: Through the messaging feature within the special customer application, you can have direct communication with customers. You can exchange text, images, and even voice messages. Additionally, you can use the messaging feature to send intelligent notifications to customers, such as order confirmations, status updates, delivery notifications, and more.

7.Feedback and reviews: You can easily receive customer feedback through the application. Customers can submit their feedback, including complaints, criticisms, suggestions, in text, audio, or visual formats, based on the predefined templates you have set.

8.Surveys: You can create various surveys and periodically send them to customers for their input.

9.Online promotions: The online promotion feature is a special and unique solution within the Asa customer ordering software. It allows you to run time-limited promotions based on specific hours, days, or even specific customer segments. You can execute a variety of sales promotion campaigns and achieve amazing sales results.

The dedicated customer software ofacesoft can maximize the efficiency for distribution companies through artificial intelligence solutions. By utilizing intelligent algorithms that analyze customer purchasing behavior patterns, the software provides the best recommendations to each customer at the right time. The AI manages the ordering process for customers by considering events such as previous visits, purchases, and more. When it detects that a customer is likely to make a purchase, it prompts the customer through intelligent notifications and suggests suitable products for a smarter order placement process.