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Intelligent Distribution and Logistics Routing Using Artificial Intelligence

Optimal and efficient distribution is a primary concern for all distribution companies, aiming to accomplish this task with minimal expenses. zcesoft Intelligent Distribution Software, utilizing artificial intelligence solutions, has devised a method for you to have the best distribution routes for delivering orders to your customers.

Acesoft Intelligent Distribution Software employs artificial intelligence algorithms, constraints, and conditions to determine the best distribution routes based on the list of ready-to-distribute orders and available transportation resources. It aims to maximize the utilization of distribution teams and transportation fleets for each team. Asa Intelligent Distribution Management, equipped with comprehensive route information, traffic data, AI algorithms, and innovative problem-solving techniques such as TSP, takes into account delivery time and order fulfillment from all available capacities, including volume, weight, and maximum time utilization.

By utilizing acesoft Intelligent Distribution Software, you can achieve at least a 50% improvement in your distribution efficiency.