Market research and data collection system

Market research and data collection system:

Market research system, in simple terms, involves a process in which data and information are collected to understand customers and gain a comprehensive understanding of the market

This understanding means:
  • Discovering opportunities
  • Investigating problems
  • Finding definite sales solutions
  • Evaluating ongoing marketing activities
  • Applications of market research system and data collection:

    Creating questionnaires:

    The market research system provides the ability to create questionnaires tailored to the type of customer and market. Undoubtedly, in market research, the role of surveys should never be overlooked or eliminated.

    Ability to choose the visitor's route in response to the questionnaire:

    The interviewer has the ability to observe and choose the best route for the visit. In this system, GPS is used for precise examination and selection of the best route

    Control and management of the route:

    The responsible person has the ability to monitor the interviewer and manage the questionnaire in real time. (Information is stored in the system in a mechanized manner.)

    Note: The market research system is not only for distribution companies. This system also has significant applications for retailers, beauty advisors, etc.

    Creating questionnaires under the title of merchandising operations

    Creating questionnaires under the title of beauty advisor operations.

    Creating inspection questionnaires.

    Given the subject, it is possible to choose different types of questionnaires:

  • Ability to create numerical questionnaires
  • Ability to create multiple-choice questionnaires
  • Ability to create single-choice questionnaires
  • Ability to create text-based questionnaires
  • Ability to create image-based questionnaires
  • Ability to create date-based questionnaires
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