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Gamification in Visiting Order Software for Distributors

The use of online ordering software for marketers and sales representatives in distribution companies has become essential, with almost all distribution companies utilizing mobile or tablet-based ordering software for their sales representatives and distributors.

acesoft, through innovation, artificial intelligence, and gamification, has provided a solution in its specialized visiting order software to maximize productivity for sales representatives. Asa's visiting order software offers the following key features:

1.Online and offline capabilities

2. Compatibility with the Android operating system

3.Display of visit routes on maps and access to customer details such as financial records and sales history

4.Control over visit routes and GPS tracking for sales representatives

5.Catalog-based order placement

6.Inventory control, discount calculation, and rewards management

7.Order and invoice printing

8.Record of additional agreements with customers

9.Customizable questionnaires for customers

1o. Return management

11.Performance reporting for sales representatives

12.Messaging functionality

With the integration of artificial intelligence, acesoft guides sales representatives in visiting customers based on prioritized routes. The software suggests the best possible orders for each customer, reducing visit duration and increasing efficiency. Furthermore, through gamification, the visiting process is gamified, motivating sales representatives and facilitating task completion. acesoft presents the daily visit routes to sales representatives as stages of a game, where they need to earn necessary points from each customer to achieve stage completion. The software informs sales representatives about the points they can earn based on AI-identified purchasing behavior, and if they successfully reach their objectives with customers, they receive points. Real-time competition rankings and ratings among sales representatives are also displayed. Sales representatives can view the rankings and scores of their peers and engage in healthy competition.

By utilizing acesoft visiting order software, you can achieve the highest level of productivity from your sales force