Visit management and routing system:

Visit and sale management :

Acesoft Intelligent Routing System offers you the capability to have the best visit route, even with a high number of customers, ensuring maximum efficiency for each day of your visitor. In acesoft Intelligent Routing System, artificial intelligence has been utilized for the first time to determine the best route for the visitor each day.

Acesoft Intelligent Visit and Routing system utilizes artificial intelligence algorithms:

The intelligent visit and routing system by Asa is suitable for distribution companies with a high number of customers. The daily sales supervisor can intelligently and optimally determine the route for the visitor. It should be noted that intelligent routing is determined based on the type of product and the type of visit. Acesoft intelligent routing system provides the best visit route on a daily basis, allowing the visitor to efficiently complete their visit route in the shortest possible time.

Step by step with acesoft Intelligent Visit Routing:

  • Supervised learning: The purchasing patterns of each customer are identified.
  • Data labeling: The buying behavior of each customer is labeled, including visitor behavior, region, area, customer group, etc. The behavioral patterns used in data labeling include Nearest Neighbor, Naive Bayes, and Neural Network algorithms.
  • Unsupervised learning: Unsupervised learning algorithms are used to discover patterns and relationships in the data.
  • Reinforcement learning: Reinforcement learning algorithms, including clustering algorithms and pattern mining algorithms, are utilized.
  • Temporary learning algorithm: Determines the best visit route for each day.
  • Q-learning: Q-learning is applied for learning and optimizing the best visit route.
  • The top pattern of Acesoft visit routing is programmed based on the needs of distribution companies using artificial intelligence.

    Intelligent zoning pattern:

    In the intelligent zoning pattern approach, the software determines the best routes (zones) for each visitor based on the coverage area, visitor limitations, and specified conditions. It also determines the visit sequence and day for each route.

    Successful visit algorithm:

    In this approach, the best routing is created for each visitor with the goal of maximizing successful visits per day. It considers customer buying behavior patterns, conditions, and limitations to create the optimal visit route that allows the visitor to have the highest number of successful visits each day

    Maximum coverage pattern:

    In the maximum coverage method, the goal is to create routes for visitors that cover all customers under the visitor's coverage area, based on the visit frequency of each customer derived from their buying behavior patterns.

    Emotional sales pattern:

    This pattern arranges intelligent visit routes for each visitor based on specific conditions, such as focusing sales efforts on a particular product group, to maximize sales from the targeted product group.

    Combined pattern:

    In this approach, a combination of successful visit and maximum coverage patterns is possible. The software determines the best visit route for each day of each visitor based on the assigned weights for each pattern.

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